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I get what you are saying. I had the 7 plus and traded it in, with half of the phone payed off. They cut out what I owed them on the seven, and just started the pay cycle over again.

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The current ATT next makes it so if you want to you can give up your phone for free at 12 months waiving the next 12 months of fees or pay for the full 24 months and keep the phone. In the end of the 24 months you have paid exactly what you would have paid up front for the phone. For example my phone. I have to pay taxes up front. That is exactly what I would have paid day one except now I just pay spread out over 24 months. Personally I find the Next plan better because at any time I could go in a pay off the phone and the fee disappears from the bill and I can immediately upgrade if I wanted to.

I pay my monthly bill every month. I understand the concept. And if you want to get out of the monthly payments later on you can just pay off the balance.

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Obviously you pay the same in the end because you're financing the phone. But it's a little easier to spend 7 dollars a month than a grand up front. On top of bandwidth and line access fees. No shit it's 7 more. But if you already have X amount set aside for your bill and you really want the new phone spending an extra 7 isn't a big deal. It would only be a significant amount if you already had your phone paid off. At 7 dollars a month it would take nearly 12 years to pay off the phones price though. It was 7 more dollars than whatever they were already paying monthly to have their previous phone.

Sometimes they have deals to have you buy the phone on installments. It's not. If you're paying the same in the end, making small payments like that is much better. Of course it does convince many stupid people that they can afford a better phone when they can't, but that's their problem. That wasn't the point, relax. If anything, you are grossly overreacting to someone who is offering their input on an opinion they believe to be incorrect. It's there something I'm missing?

Haha yeah the next plan is stupid, after a year you can trade in your phone for the next big model and stop making payments on your current phone and start on the new phone. Also if you do trade in they make you pay for every little bit of damage on the phone. No reason to not do it really. If you don't own it, but pay for it and it's damages, you're leasing it. You realize if you pay all the installments you own it right?

In leasing you are only paying for what you use based on the residual. You would still have to pay the residual. Financing would be a much more accurate term since you own the phone when you are done with the 2 year payment schedule. They are signing up, paying extra, and swapping their phones out after a year. Totally blowing hundreds of dollars and never really owning the phone.

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What do you mean paying extra? Or you can just sell it yourself after paying off the balance. I had next but switched to Apple upgrade because I liked having Apple care included and they were more relaxed with condition of the used phone you were giving back. So those payments you make on the original device for 12 months. Do those get applied in any way to the new phone? You've always leased the phone.

The difference is they used to hide the fees in the bill and made you sign a two year contract. Really breaking the bank over here! It just feels like less when you're paying in monthly installments, which is sort of the point. If you're happy with it though, that's great. Good products sell themselves, people recommend good products to each other all the time without money ever changing hands.

Show me a company that publicly advertises its viral marketing. That's not a thing. If you think Apple doesn't engage in the same tactics that all of their competitors do you're astoundingly naive, and this comment makes you sound like an even bigger fanboy than the one before did. Stop kidding yourself that Apple doesn't do this shit because they definitely do. I never accused you of being corporate owned, I said that this post appears to be.

You just sound like an Apple fanboy. Way to read, dude. I guess I'm "sad" for recognizing painfully obvious signs of product placement. That's what passes for "sad" these days. Sorry to rain on your parade bro. I have had a flagship smartphone every year for the last 14 or so years and this makes it a lot easier for me while ultimately costing me the same.

There is no interest on the lease. I made this on Snapchat, that's why the face is a bit shoddy. Here you go though! Can you please try it and share a photo or PM me? Source Why? Creator ignoreme deletthis. Also lol the commenters screaming about how you wasted your money or whatever. Enjoy your new phone!

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There's no perspective in this pic to give you an idea how big it is.. The overall form factor of the X is smaller than the Plus. Reddit is full of young people with very little disposable income. So the idea of spending money on a phone that you want seems crazy to them. I have no doubt that it's a great phone, but you can't make the price tag look any better.

People who complain about it in my experience aren't just doing it because Apple.

Smartphones are becoming more and more expensive for diminishing returns lately, which sucks. For example, in terms of performance, how different is the X compared to the SE? It's up to you. The phone is not expensive as a once a year purchase if you save your money the rest of the year.

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If it is you may need to adjust your standard of living or look for ways to make more money. Now whether or not it's "worth" it, is totally up to the individual, so it's an irrelevant argument. No one can decide whether a new phone is worth buying except you. Asus yeeee.

I have to pay for things with physical credit cards, like a pleb. Yeah I bought a Moto G4 over a year ago for like and I honestly cant see any reason why you would need something triple or quadruple the price. I personally like to have a phone does a lot more and does it well since I use it all day everyday as a camera, computer, and gaming system.

Honestly it does everything my old iphone did. Thats ok if you arent really a smartphone power user. But for me personally, once i got a taste of the high end i theres no way i could possible go back. This is how p much everyone in the netherlands do it.

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  5. Its so widespread that the government had to limit it a bit, because everyone just used to pay 0 upfront then a monthly payment but now you have to submit your income to prove that you can pay it if the monthly payment for the phone is more than 10 euros per month. I never thought I'd see the day where people put down payments on phones. I also never understood being forced into contracts just because you want to a new phone.

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    Jake is a dog while Cake is a cat, and thus they are both opposite in gender and species. Fionna and Finn are both fourteen year old humans. However, Fionna appears older. Both wear similar outfits except Fionna wears a skirt rather than shorts, her white socks are thigh highs, her black shoes look like Mary Janes, and her blond hair peaks out from her hat, which has bunny ears instead of bear ears.

    As mentioned, they are technically the same age but Fionna appears much older. What is interesting is that for the first episode we are introduced to these characters the plot is based on romance. But much is made of the fact that his feelings toward her are not reciprocated, in large part because he is far too young for her.

    Now that our main hero is female suddenly the episode is more focused on love and relationships rather than adventure and kicking butt. This makes the episode a bit of a disappointment and seems less progressive than most Adventure Time episodes usually are. Reblogged from saltpillar. Reblogged from bakagou-kacchan. Adventure Time goliad stormo. Reblogged from compulsivelycreepychild-deactiv. We have seen that Princess Bubblegum is able to create life, and has on numerous occasions, in a less than traditional way.

    Being a brilliant scientist, she has created a formula to produce life. She has made Lemongrab, Goliad, Stormo, Lemongrab clone or Lemongrab 2 , and probably numerous others. It seems she has a habit of making more life in an effort to correction the wrongs she has done in creating a first life. Goliad goes horribly wrong, deciding that since she is the most powerful she is in complete control and harming others is not of concern.

    In response, Princess Bubblegum must create an equal, Stormo, to keep Goliad perpetually in check. Princess Bubblegum also fails when she creates Lemongrab, and eventually makes Lemongrab 2 to cure the loneliness that Lemongrab suffers. We can assume that reproduction is generally the same in the Land of Ooo, we have only seen female creatures give birth.

    We have seen Lady Rainicorn get pregnant during the course of the show and give birth to her five puppies. We have also seen Gunter give birth to a magical cat, which is more of a mystery. But what happens to the role of females when they are no longer necessary to produce new generations? Luce Irigaray breaches this topic in Women on the Market. The incest taboo represents this refusal to allow productive nature to enter into exchanges among men.

    As both natural value and use value, mothers cannot circulate in the form of commodities without threatening the very existence of the social order. Mothers are essential to its re production particularly inasmuch as they are [re]productive of children and of the labor force: These quotes also have a lot to do with producing labor forces and value, but that is essentially what people are, forces for labor.

    I think it would be quite a different world if women were not the means of reproduction. Stereotypically, women are of more value if they are able to reproduce, and if you cannot or do not you are seen as less of a woman. It would be a different social order and society if population was produced by a scientific formula.

    Reblogged from lankyadventurer. Adventure Time incendium flame princess flame king jake all warmed up inside serenade fire kingdom gift. This is his second gift out of three he has promised to Flame King. While most episodes of Adventure Time portray female characters as equals and complex, this episode seems to fall short. To start with, although with good intentions, Jake goes searching for a new love interest for Finn to help him get over Princess Bubblegum. At the end of the episode we discover that this is just the case.

    Finn sees Flame Princess and even though he knows virtually nothing about her, except that she has set his tree house on fire and slaps him, it seems to be love at first sight. It seems as if this pairing is for political gain, as it is between royal families or it is thought to be , and Flame Princess is a means to a gain. Speaking of which, it should not go unnoticed that Flame Princess is trapped in a glass oil lamp hanging above the room.