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The result is greatly improved readability, and sometimes a much approved appearance of the Dock overall too. Note that there are some other UI changes that will occur with this setting, making it undesirable to some users. Enhanced Contrast strips most of the crazy coloration from the iOS 7 Dock and your result will be a much more subtle look, as shown in these two screen shot examples of some fairly subtle wallpapers that happen to have hyper color Docks. Clashing toxic waste looking mystery green Dock on the left, with the new contrasted grey version on the right.

This trick combined with bolding text can make a big difference in overall usability with certain wallpapers, and as such would be a good addition to some general usability improvement tips that users can easily make for the iPhone, iPod, and iPad with iOS 7. Though it will certainly change the Docks coloration and appearance, using the Enhanced Contrast feature has a potentially unwanted side effect of stripping all transparencies and blurs from elsewhere in iOS.

Most prominently, this includes folders, Notification Center, and Control Center, but other smaller changes will be seen elsewhere as well. The result is usually simple flat color for things like Folders, or with Notification Center a black background, but Control Center gets a not-so-contrasty light grey background with white text and icons atop it, which is arguably the worst look of the bunch:.

Whether or not the side effect is worth it is up to you and how much you like or dislike the Dock styling on your iPhone or iPad running anything after iOS 7. A much more pleasant side effect may occur on older devices running iOS 7, which can experience significant speed increases by disabling the transparencies with this settings toggle. That change arrived in a minor point release, thus other small point releases and more significant updates to iOS may offer even more options to customize the look and feel of iOS moving forward.

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Whatever trick anyone discovers it does not change the fact, that IOS has become ugly. Jonathan Ive, great respect for the devices you design, but please stay away from the interface! I definitely agree about the home screen icons and the Dock.

I do like the look of new lock screen, the menus, notifications panels, and other elements. Color tintColor. Normal fillColor.

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Ilia Khalyapin 1 6. YannickSteph YannickSteph 7, 2 38 This does not work at all for me. I have a PNG set as the button's image. When I use either tintPhoto or tintPicto, they just don't work. Yes, and when I use either of the tint methods all I see is the color. I even set the alpha of the color to 0. You can use this extension: Ilia Khalyapin Ilia Khalyapin 1 6. This does not work for me either. When I use this method, all I see is the color, not the image tinted that color. This is the best approach if you're using the same image in multiple places as you only set the image to template mode one time in the Asset Catalog.

This approach did not work for me. When I set a PNG as a template image and then set the tint color, the image is replaced by the tint color.

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Milligator Milligator 64 8. This is the only option that worked for me! Safad Funy Safad Funy 1, 19 One good thing to come out of this is that no matter what your background is, the dock color will remain unchanged. And the four icons on the dock do get the prominence they deserve. There is one negative aspect too. The Control Center will lose the slight translucence and will no longer have a blurred background seeping through it.

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  4. How to Change the Dock Color in iOS 7 on iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch!
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